16 Festive Embroidered Thanksgiving Face Masks to Wear in the Celebration

16 Festive Embroidered Thanksgiving Face Masks to Wear in the Celebration

Beautifully Embroidered Face Masks... Celebrating the Holidays with the New Normal¬†ūüćĀ


Thanksgiving Embroidered Face Masks

2020 Pandemic has caused a lot of festivals to be done virtually and large gatherings are still discouraged. Rather than think about the Thanksgiving Day traditions we are missing, we can embrace this new normal and keep the holiday vibe even with a smaller more intimate family celebration. That includes a festive touch of Thanksgiving themed face masks.  

Thanksgiving Face Masks Embroidered

There are still a lot of things to be grateful about but staying safe is still the main priority. If you're organizing the gathering, it can be safer to ask the guests to quarantine before coming to your home and when they arrive, greet them with one of these holiday-inspired face masks. These can truly become a memorabilia item of 2020... A year that taught everyone of us how we can be adaptable to change and still maintain a positive holiday spirit and appreciate what we have.

Festive Thanksgiving Face Masks 

Nothing else can emphasize and give more meaning to the Tradition Harvest other than the Covid Pandemic, and all the challenges it brought. We realized how flexible we are and it made the fruits of our labor even sweeter to celebrate and absolutely brought the family closer.

Thanksgiving Harvest Face Masks 

This year is a real Blessing in disguise and inspired a lot of us to be creative and resourceful, with the help of technology we maintained and discover new valuable connections even while Social Distancing. 

Happy Turkey Day Face Mask 

The year mirrors the History's First Pilgrims' Thanksgiving Celebration. In 1620 after a treacherous and uncomfortable crossing that wiped half of their population. The Pilgrims suffered from exposure, scurvy and outbreaks of contagious disease. The remaining survivors turned the situation around by establishing a village to farm corn, extract sap from maple trees, catch fish in the rivers and identify poisonous plants.

Festive Thanks Giving Face Mask

In November 1621, the Pilgrims‚Äô first corn harvest proved Victorious. American‚Äôs ‚ÄúFirst Thanksgiving‚ÄĚ celebratory Feast was held and lasted for 3 Days.
A true Celebration of Human Resilience that brought everyone together to find creative solutions. A Proof that Challenges can actually hone great character to Educate and Prepare Us to Fruitful New Beginnings...

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ūüćāHappy Thanks Giving!ūüćā

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